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Learn how to tackle new Languages with Ambie's Method!

The more languages you know, the more places you go.


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Who is Ambie?

I'm a professional Linguist offering tutoring and coaching to both students and professionals all over the world. I can communicate in 5 Languages. I'll show you how you can too!






The "Ambie Method" is a Language Learning method that has proven to be a very effective way to help Professionals learn Languages. Ambie's Method has been created to not only help you learn a new Language but to teach you how to interpret a Language. My simple method and techniques has been helping many people around the world learn Languages. Be sure to download my new ebook "Ambie Method!"



What People Are Saying?

Lily Fan, Flight attendant

Ambie and I met on a flight last year and she was speaking to my mother in Chinese. We were so shocked! My mother had never met an American who could speak in our language. I am a flight attendant myself and I still encourage Ambie to apply to be a speaker on China flights. She is just that good and her personality is so bright! I am happy to know that she is helping other people like herself to learn the Chinese language. So proud of her!

Nathan Oliveira, Brazilian Teacher

I am a Brazilian Portuguese teacher in Orlando, Florida. I found Ambie on YouTube and was so impressed by her ability to speak in my native language. I always wanted to learn how to speak in Mandarin, so I tried out her 5 week Mandarin Course  when she was in the stages of creating it and WOW have I learned so much! I am able to speak with the Chinese people in my community now. Obrigado Sra. Ambie! You really are a blessing to me.

Brian, Airport Gate Agent

-When I first met Ambie, I couldn't believe what was happening before my eyes. She was speaking with several passengers in Korean. I thought that I would pass out. She told me about her website and when I searched for it, I found out that she spoke more languages than Korean. I purchased almost all of her Spanish courses. She has helped me to better communicate with airline customers!

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