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Who's ambie?

Passionate About Language Learning

Ambie is a professional Linguist and Language Coach. She communicates in 5 Languages and speaks 3 fluently. Ambie speaks Spanish, Portuguese, English, Korean, and is currently learning Mandarin. Her way of learning Languages has truly been a blessing in her career.  Language learning started out as a hobby for Ambie but soon became a career after she realized how speaking a different Language made her an asset to different companies. Ambie favorite quotes to say is, "Just like with any skill, it takes practice!" She believes that Language learning can be done by any and everyone if you just practice. So how do you practice? Practice with "Ambie Method."

This entire "Ambie Method" was inspired in 2012 when Ambie started to learn her 3rd Language "Brazilian Portuguese." Ambie would blurt out Portuguese phrases into her voice recorder and repeat each phrase out loud in English. She did this daily and called it the "interpret to learn method" Recording her voice in both Languages and simply interpreting out loud helped Ambie to learn the Portuguese Language faster. In addition to using other Language learning methods such as, "The Pimsleur Approach", Ambie also used her own method daily.

Languages Spoken
  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • English

  • Korean

  • Chinese-Mandarin

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