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1st Week of Law School. What, Like it's Hard?

Hey y'all! So now that I've completed my first week of law school, I couldn't wait to share with you all. Honestly, this isn't what I expected but I mean this in a good way. I was expecting test after test and many quizzes and tons of assignments. Well, it's not like that AT ALL! Instead, there is a lot of research, reading and note-taking!


It seems that my grade will be determined based on one big assignment at the end of the modules. Basically, during the entire semester, I need to process a lot of information. This makes me both nervous and relieved. Nervous because...

  1. What if I don't correctly do the assignment? I could just fail the entire semester.

  2. If I fail the entire semester, that could push my graduation date.

Those are two major negatives that has been on my mind a little. But over all, I am doing the best I can and I try to read, study and communicate with my classmates every day to stay on track.

My Health

As far as my health goes, I have been roller skating, walking, and doing pilates at home. I think I will rejoin a gym soon. After all, the gym that I like has a childcare inside as well, so it's perfect! I've lost 21 pounds a few months ago and my goal is to lose 40 more lbs to get to my goal weight! I am remaining positive about it and won't rush the process. Honestly, every since I started school, I'm already down 8 pounds and that was just a week ago. I think that's because instead of eating, I'm studying. Haha!

Mental Health is just as Important as Physical Health!

My physical health isn't the only thing that I've been working on. My "Mental Health" as well. I attend therapy sessions with my counselor bi weekly. He is amazing and I feel absolutely great after each of our sessions. If I'm feeling out of control with my feelings, I'm able to bounce back immediately after letting it all out in our sessions. There's a misconception about going to therapy. A lot of people are too embarrassed to talk about their personal problems with someone. But that's exactly what everyone needs. I found that in the past when I had absolutely no one to talk to about what I was dealing with, I suffered badly in silence. So trust me when I say, therapy is one of the best decisions I could have done for myself. Moving on to balancing family and school.

Stay at Home Mom Does Law

So because I am studying from home and not at my school's campus, it allows me to study on my own schedule. I have my little routine with my kids and I. I take my girls to school in the mornings and that gives me 7-8 hours to do my thing! Which used to be going to spas, the mall, park, nail appointments or watching Netflix... Haha but now I just utilize that free time to study. When JJ's awake, I entertain him and when he's sleep, I resume studying. Once I pick the girls up from school, I'm able to prepare food for everyone in the home and let the girls play outside or with their tablets. Eventually, everyone sleeps again and I study for a little bit more, if I'm not too tired. Thankfully, my girls visits with their dad for 2 days out of the week. So that also gives me a 2 day break! On those 2 days, my son JJ also goes with the baby sitter. That's right! I take full advantage of those 2 days... =) Well, shouldn't I? On these days, I catch up on any lectures, lessons or reading and of course we take advantage of "Date Night" without the kids. Again, my family and loved ones are the most important to me and school is second. I just happened to find a way to balance them both. My daughter Cielo is in gymnastics on Saturday's now! That's pretty cool. I also meet with my Moroccan Arabic teacher for 45 mins on Saturday mornings. Also, I have Spanish students that I meet with on Saturday evenings. Sundays are just my chill day... which means I'm editing videos for YouTube. Haha!

Well, thank you all so much for reading this short blog. Hopefully, I'll be able to create a video blog soon of these adventures... When I find the time. Until next time! Adios!

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