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Accepted Into Law School

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Once upon a time becoming an Immigration Lawyer was just a thought. I knew that if I ever became a lawyer, I would specialize in "immigration." I've always had a passion for immigration, I speak different languages, and I'm surrounded by immigrants in my day to day life. I've always wanted to help others in any way that I can. So needless to say, this career would perfect for someone like me.

Why wait?

I'm turning 30 next month and Law School is only 3 years... So I figured this would be the perfect gift to myself! Why not start out my 30's with a bang?

What? Like it's hard? - Elle Woods

Lol. I love that movie "legally blonde"... I just watched it today actually. Funny because Elle Woods in that movie was only attending law school to prove to her boyfriend that she was "good enough" for him to marry. And while in Law school, she realized that he was a jerk and didn't deserve her anyway. Although the movie was filled with comedy, it had a good message overall. That's why so many love that movie till this day!

So What Am I Doing To Prepare?

Well, nothing yet... just joking. I'm like freaking out every single day. I've been researching all kinds of prep courses online on how to prepare me, watching a ton of YouTube law student vloggers, and reading a lot of law school blogs. I don't have any lawyer friends to guide me but many of my friends are medical doctors. It's not the same but they've still been able to give me some solid advice.

Will I Continue To Make YouTube Videos?

I will definitely continue to create video content when I have time. Most likely my content will change into "Law School Vlogs" "Study With Me Routines" and of course"Language Reaction Videos" because those are my most popular. However, Youtube is a lot of work and can take many hours of my time. Although it is a fun hobby of mine, it is still considered work. Therefore, I will be limited as to how much content I will be able to put out each month.

How Will I Manage Being a Stay At Home Mom and a Law Student?

I will be uploading a video soon specifically answering this question. A lot of people in my personal life have been asking me this. Here is a simple breakdown:

  1. My daughters are in school 8 hours Mon - Friday (That's a break for me)

  2. My son is a infant and take naps throughout the day. (More breaks for me)

  3. I have maids who clean for me. (Another break for me)

That leaves me with 2 main duties which is to prepare dinner for my family once everyone is home after school and work. The second is to help my daughters with their homework. 2 days out of each week, they are with their dad so that gives me ANOTHER BREAK. During my "me time" is when I create new videos, go out with a loved ones, TRAVEL or just get pampered. So basically, somewhere in between all of these breaks, I will be studying and learning. I'm learning that time management is everything.

I Prioritize Being a Mother and Wife Over All Things

But to be very clear, I prioritize being a mother and wife over all things. THAT WAS ALWAYS MY TRUE DREAM. Me returning to school to obtain a law degree is also something that I've been wanting for a while now. I want to continue to be the best that I can be in order to inspire my children to be whatever it is that they want to be in this life. I'm also looking forward to this new experience in the world of law. I love you all and be sure to comment below any love, advice, or content suggestions for me! Thanks ~xoxo

My latest video of me speaking Darija in 10 DAYS:

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