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Female College Students

Ambie has created a 3 MONTH self-study guide for you to learn the language you want. Please go in the weekly order intended! Every Monday and Friday! PLUS 6 BONUS videos. After making your purchase, you will be prompted to download a document. On that document, you will see your access code/password. Email to request your access code if for whatever reason you aren't able to download the document.


1. Commit to complete each exercise mentioned in the video!

2. Must have a notebook.

3. Must have a voice recorder, or phone with voice recorder. (voice recorder is necessary to complete some of the self-study exercises).

4. Must physically be able to see, read and write in order for this to truly benefit you!

5. Must be 14 years of age or higher to participate in the self studychallenge


"Our goal is to see everyone succeed in this 3 MONTH challenge." 

Just in 3 MONTHS, you will receive what you've been looking for to IMPROVE your self study! Use the hashtag #AmbieSelfstudy ON SOCIAL MEDIA

This 3-Month Self-Study was created based on "How I Learnt The Languages That I Can Speak." I will walk you through each week of what you should be studying, practicing, & learning.

You will learn:
How To Study...
What To Study...
How To Practice...

By the end of this video program, you should be able to self teach yourself a new language.

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