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Multilingual Phrasebook By Ambie

This is officially my first real book. It is a phrasebook/workbook that includes audio files.

Who am I? Well, I'm Amber but known as "Linguist Girl Ambie" online. I created this book for beginners and intermediate speakers who really just want to practice phrases with native people of that language in person. Whether it be shopping abroad or at your local international supermarket. You will always score some cool points if you can converse in someones home language! Also, this book will help you get by if you are living abroad in one of these countries; Germany, Brazil, South Korea, China, or (anywhere in Latin America). In this book, you'll learn commonly used phrases and responses for introduction, shopping, ordering food, etc... Also you will have the opportunity to complete some weekly assignments on the worksheets in the book! This book is approximately 88 pages long. Enjoy and be sure to leave me a nice review on AMAZON.COM

Thank you very much for all of your support and to my students. Thank you for trusting me with guiding you through language learning!

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