• Ambie

No Degree Jobs for Bilingual People

If you are bilingual the sky is the limit for you. There are so many jobs out there for people that have the ability to speak in multiple languages. These are some of those jobs!

1. Become an airline employee

You could apply to become and Flight attendant, Gate agent, Customer service support person, etc.

2. Become an interpreter or translator

There are many medical offices, law firms, hospitals or other businesses that are in need of a language interpreter. Court interpreters are the highest paid in the interpreting field.

3. Teach abroad or online

Teaching another language doesn't require a degree in a lot of countries unlike in the United States. Most of the time, a certificate and fluency in the other language are both good enough to land you the teaching gig.

4. Work in a hospital

I personally know medical interpreters who are earning $35/hour in a hospital without a college degree. Some have taken medical interpreting courses and obtained certifications. Or simply just being bilingual could earn you a job at the front desk of a hospital quickly. Whether you are trying to get hired as a Nurse, Doctor or an Customer service worker, you will always be the preferred one over someone who can't speak another language.

5. Work on a cruise boat

Cruise boats mainly prefer bilingual staff for obvious reasons. Tourist of different backgrounds.