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Updated: Dec 8, 2018

A lot of people are obsessed with learning different languages at a fast speed! I must admit that I too was the same way. I used to set silly goals such as becoming fluent within 3 months or 6 months. These type of expectations are ridiculous and unfortunately a lot of people end up failing tremendously by setting these ridiculous goals! Goal-setting is very important when learning a language but you have to set realistic goals and start small. And believe it or not by doing it this way, it will allow you to learn a lot quicker because speed won't even be your priority. It is going to naturally come! These are a few ways to help the speed naturally come:


Set monthly goals! For your first month of learning, set a goal for learning "Introduction Phrases" & "Counting". And only focus on that! That entire month, you should be learning greetings, introduction and how to count! Focus on greetings the first week and then slowly add introduction on the next week etc... And at the end of the month, you should start to see a lot of progress! This is how you goal set!


This course could be online or in person. The goal is to just to complete a short-term course and receive a certificate. This will motivate you more than you know! When you get your certificate of completion, you should hang it up somewhere in your home where you can see it often.

This will motivate you to keep going in the language.

The course could be as short as 4-6 weeks. When I started back learning Korean, I enrolled myself in online classes with Cousera: And that course was only a total of 6 weeks long. I felt so accomplished. And I kept going!


There are so many online foreign language tutoring businesses out there and very inexpensive might I add. You can video chat with your teacher/tutor from anywhere in the world. You can use your laptop, tablet, or even phone. I personally have a favorite tutoring site that I get all of my foreign language teachers from. I use italki: My Chinese teachers/tutors only charge anywhere from $8-$11 per hour! Crazy right? I had absolutely no excuse why I couldn't invest in my language learning.


Even if you only practice for 10 minutes. I practice by speaking out loud! Role playing, such as; "ordering my food phrases" "phone conversation phrases" "shopping phrases" etc... I also, like to use Pimsleur to practice my languages:" Pimsleur is one app that I truly live by! It is amazing when it comes to helping you practice foreign languages. It's only 30 minutes per day and the app offers fun games in that target language. If you haven't tried Pimsleur, you are missing out!


Going to events or gatherings of that target language really allows you to meet other likeminded individuals like yourself who are interested in that language. And also, you will have the opportunity to practice with NATIVE speakers. Like the old saying goes... "If you don't use it, you lose it!" It is very true in the language learning world! You must get out and talk the language with people. How will you know where you are struggling, if you do not test out your speaking skills in a live situation?

This concludes my 5 tips on Fast Language Learning! Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out my vlog on this topic below:

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