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Reinventing Myself #ReinventingMyself

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

I made a vision board in my early 20's and managed to accomplish everything I desired. I became a Flight Attendant, traveled to many different countries, went to my dream place which was South Korea, I moved to Puerto Rico and even started Law School. I've always imagined that I would do the things that I wanted and I did. Now that I'm in my 30's, it's time to slow down and live a softer life. Well, it honestly feel like I've already been living a soft life for the past 8 years of my life in a way because even when I was a Flight attendant, I always worked the minimum amount of days for the most amount of money. So I was able to be home 3 weeks out of every month and travel wherever I wanted. That's right! It was the perfect #softlife schedule. Although I was technically doing the least amount of work, I wasn't fully resting in my softness. I would still find stuff to do and purposely made myself busy when I didn't really have to. I should have been putting my feet up on the balcony of my condo in Puerto Rico while gazing at the beautiful view. After all, my daughters were in school. Instead of enjoying nature and resting in my feminine, I was find other "stuff" to do. Don't misunderstand! I did enjoy myself from time to time but I wasn't truly taking advantage of my situation and luxury.

What Am I doing Different Now?
  • Allowing myself to receive help

  • Resting More/Self-care

  • Taking on fun soft hobbies such as; ice skating, rollerskating, painting, gardening...

  • Finding Joy in Homemaking

Allowing Myself To Receive Help

It's no secret that I study Law online. I've transitioned from being a full-time student to a part-time student which will delay my graduation and it's totally okay. Instead of receiving my law degree in 3 years, I will receive it in 6. Not only am I receiving help with the tuition cost of my education but I am also now in a position to be a Stay at Home Mom. So I currently don't work. I stay home with my kids everyday and I study online for a few hours. This has been one of the biggest blessings of my life because this is the comfort and ease that I needed in my life. I needed to slow down and be more present for my children and loved ones. In order for that to happen, I couldn't continue "to be so busy."

Resting More and Self-Care

After finishing my studies early in the mornings, I have the rest of the day to myself while the kids are at school during the day. Watching a new movie on Netflix, drinking a delicious smoothie while putting my feet up is what I consider rest. Reading is rest. Gardening is rest and even talking to my friends on the phone who are also stay at home moms is rest for me. Slowing down and doing whatever brings me joy is my idea of rest and self-care. Now, my actual self-care routine isn't limited to only rest but I also consider my "beauty maintenance" to be a form of self-care such as; nail, spas, massages and facials etc...

Fun and Soft Hobbies

Some of the new hobbies in my life are drawing and painting, ice skating classes, creating handmade accessories and gardening. I find that painting and drawing my thoughts bring me joy. When ice skating, I always feel like a disney princess. My daughters and I make and sell handmade accessories on Etsy when we have time. This is our fun family activity and goes to my daughters college fund. Gardening has been such an amazing way to connect with nature. So not only has being a stay at home mom allowed me to rest more but it has allowed me to explore my creative side.

Growing My Vegetables is Another form of Self-care
Lastly, Finding Joy in Homemaking

Never in a million years would I have ever thought that it was possible find joy in cooking, cleaning, organizing, decorating, growing vegetables etc... Believe it or not, making a house into a home gives me a pleasant feeling. It makes me feel fulfilled in a motherly way. I feel proud! The skills that I have learned just from being a homemaker is incredible. Gardening, baking, decorating and multitasking, just to name a few. Some of these skills, I never even knew I had. I know this might sound crazy but being a homemaker has made me nicer. Haha! It's true. I've always been kind to people but now that I'm not stressed all the time, I'm able to be even kinder to others. My life has completely changed and I'm grateful to Allah and those Allah has placed in my life to make this transition smooth for me.

Reinventing Myself on Youtube

I've been sharing my language skills and teaching others how to learn languages for more than 7 years now on YouTube and it's time to reinvent myself and show a different side to me other than the languages that I speak... Moving forward, my language learning content will only be on my TikTok and Instagram Reels (@LinguistAmbie). But my YouTube channel will showcase my transition into a Homemaker and my Stay at Home Mom Lifestyle. These videos will be in both Spanish and English with subtitles. As we get older, we evolve and it's important to embrace those changes in life. #stayathomemom #reinventingmyself #softlife #slowliving

Enjoy my latest homemaking video below:

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